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Dyal Singh Trust Library

Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia was born in 1849 in Kashni (India). His father Sardar Lehna Singh belonged to a respectable Sikh family. he server Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Sikh Ruler of the Punjab and was granted vast jaguars in recognition of his loyalty and his scholarly pursuits. Sardar Lehna Singh died in 1854. After Expiry of his father all assets were transfered to Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia. He got married to the daughter of Raja Sher Singh of Ambala. He was issueless. He was a great philanthropist & supported all goods causes. Three Trusts have been established on his Will. He expired on 9th September, 1898.


Dyal Singh Trust Library, Lahore, was established in 1908 in pursuance of the will of the Late Sardar deal Singh Majithia. The Library first started functioning at the residence of Sardar Sahib and subsequently shifted to the existing building in 1928. In 1947, it was closed due to migration of its Trustees. It started re-functioning in 1964 when its administrative control was taken over by the Evacuee Trust Property Board, Government of Pakistan, Lahore. In 1985, under directions of President of Pakistan its administrative control was transferred to the Government of Punjab but repatriated to ETPB in 1989.

Library’s Publications:

This Library has published about 108 books (including “Minhaj” Journal) on different topics of Islam. Two books published by D.S.T. Library on the “ Seerat” of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) Entitled “Ghariboan Kay Waali” and “Nabi-e-Karim (peace be upon him) Ki Moashi Zindagi” have received Presidential Awards on the occasion of Annual Seerat Conference at Islamabad.


No.DonorsNo. of Books
1Mr. Balik Ram (1944)468
2Mr. Sundar Das (1963)1271
3Prof. Kh. Sarah-ud-Din (1974)8366
4Syed Qasim Rizvi (1975)1611
5Ch. Fatal Elahi (1976)665
6Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad (1983))85
7Dr. Safdar Hussain (1986)3604
8Col. Abdur Rashid (1986)19
9Mr. Shuja-ud-Din (1993)606
10Kh. Afar Nizami (1997)6940


Technical & Computer Services:

Several computers are installed in different Sections of the Library. All new books are being catalogued in the computers through “Kitbadar” software. Digitalisation of the collection of manuscripts, rare books and newspapers has also been initiated under the able guidance of the hon’able Chairman, E.T.P. Board.
  • Upgradation of the Library software (i.e. Kitabdar)
  • Microfilming of all the Newspapers and Old Magazines.
  • Data feeding of the old books and available Periodicals in the Library.
  • Digitalization (in progress).


Rules for Admission/Membership:

Membership of the Library is open to all. Presently there are 10098 registered members i.e. (8714 General Members + 886 Life Members + 518 Children Members). Subscription fee is as under:
S.No.CategorySubscription (Annual)Security (Refundable)Books to be issued
1General Students MembersRs.50/=Rs.400/=3 Books (for 1 Month)
2Medical Students Members-do-Rs.500/=2 Books (for 2 Month)
3General Members-do-4 Books (for 1 Month)
4Children MembersRs.20/=Rs.20/=4 Books (for 1 Month)
5Life MembersRs.2000/= (Non- Refundable)4 Books (for 1 Month)


Projects (Under Process):

Dyal Singh Trust Library has made a lot of achievement ever since 1964. Two new blocks have been added to facilitate the increasing number of readers.


Library Building:

The Library Building has its own unique architecture and design. Its total area is 23,207 Square.Ft., as per detail below:
  • Total Land Area: 5 Kanals, 3 Marlas, & 32Ft.(23207 Sq..Ft.)
  • Old Block: 1 Kanal, 12 Marlas, & 183Ft.(7383.17 Sq..Ft.)
  • Adjacent Block: 16 Marlas & 16Ft. (3616.25 Sq..Ft.) – 1981
  • New Addition: 15 Marlas & 170Ft. (3544.66 Sq..Ft.) – 1974
  • Total Covered Area: 3 Kanals, 4 Marlas & 144Ft. (14544 Sq..Ft.)
  • Open Area: 1 Kanal, 18 Marlas, & 113 Ft.(8663 Sq..Ft.)


Book Collections/Sections:

The library has a collection of nearly 1,82,673 books in English, Urdu and other languages.
Approximately 1500-2000 number of books are added in this collection every year. The Library has following Sections:
  • Newspaper Reading Section
  • Hindi/Gurmukhi & Sanskrit Section
  • Persion/Punjabi Section
  • Children Section
  • Textbook Section/Main Reading Hall
  • Ladies Reading Room
  • Reference Section
  • General Section
  • Photocopy Services
  • Donation/Collection(s) Section
  • Old Periodicals/Newspapers Section
  • Oriental Section
  • Accounts Section
  • Internet/Audio Video Section
  • Publications Section
  • Manuscripts Section
  • Arabic Section
  • Old Books/Kh. Salah-ud-Din Section