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Pilgrimage Visa

Pilgrimage visas are issued to intending visitors as per bilateral “Protocol on Visits to Religious Shines-1974”, between India and Pakistan. The pilgrims are required to apply at least 45 days before the commencement of the intended tour. The visas will be issued at least ten days before the commencement of travel. These visas will be issued for a single entry, restricted to 15 days validity and would be non-extendable.
Following are the requirements for their application processing:

  1. Duly filled and signed Regular Visa Application Form.
  2. Six sets of duly filled Visa Application Form for Indian Nationals.
  3. Six sets of duly filled Computer Performa for Indian Nationals.
  4. Original passport valid for at least six months along with its photocopy.
  5. Copy of valid resident visa.
  6. Eight (8) recent passport size photographs with white background.
  7. Reference letter from employer.
  8. Applicant’s last month’s bank statement.
  9. Sponsorship letter from Pakistan.
  10. Copy of sponsor’s Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC).
  11. Copy of sponsor’s utility bill with address on it, originating from Pakistan.
  12. Applicant’s complete address and contact phone number in Pakistan.